Microblading has put other brow treatments in the shade since hitting our streets! We started this treatment in our salon in October 2016 and have watched it grow.

We are still in complete awe of this amazing art. Our in-house Microblader, Charlene, perfected her art over nine months. This is quite fast in the world of Microblading as this skill can take years to perfect. But she is very artistic which helped enormously.

The reason why Microblading is now the leading eyebrow treatment here, the USA and other countries, is because it looks so realistic, you cannot tell by looking at someone that their brows have been under the blade.

Microblading is a work of art and requires complete artistic skill. There is a lot to consider before Microblading commences, which is why so much time is spent deciding on shape and colour to suit the client. From a microbladers perspective, they have to think about the client's skin, their tone, the thickness of the skin, the symmetry of the face, as most people are not symmetrical, just to name a few of the considerations. The treatment is completed in two sessions 4-6 weeks apart. We do this to allow the skin to completely heal. The second treatment is where the brows are perfected. Microblading lasts for 12-18 months possibly longer.

Microblading also requires trust! From the client to trust their microblader that he or she will deliver the look they long for and the microblader to trust the client that they have complete faith in them and will work with them to nail that look! When a client comes into our salon we all sign up for team work. We work together and the outcome is happy customer = happy Team Mon Amie 珞

When deciding on a salon for Microblading, you should always ask to see the salons certificate which qualifies them to perform this treatment. You should also ask to see insurance document. Always always ask to see examples of their work if you haven't seen any online ie, website, Facebook or Instagram or the absolute best, a recommendation!! how else are you going to know their standard of work. We see a lot of people who've had Microblading from inexperienced technicians and we can tell you they were not happy..

Correcting someone else's work is not always possible as anything we add may just make the problem worse. We always ask to see photos or better still pop in and see us in person.

Microblading is life changing we are told by our clients. Many have endured loss of their brows for years due to over plucking, ageing or illness. Microblading is suitable for almost everyone. Male or female can now enjoy not having to worry about the most important feature of their face. The eyebrows frame your face. Without them your look is
incomplete. That's why people spend so much time in the morning drawing them on. No need for this tedious task anymore ladies and gents..

If you want to know more just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

People get confused with all the different brands of two week polishes, what they do and what the difference is?

The Invention of Shellac

The nail industry is huge and very competitive. The moment CND (formerly known as Creative Nail Design) launched the first ever two week polish way back in 2010, all the other nail companies fell over themselves to come up with their own version.

CND are the leaders in the nail industry, FACT! They are always working behind the scenes to come up with new products and services to enhance the lives of clients, manicurists and nail technicians. They spend fortunes on scientific research and in order to achieve this.

I can remember having a conversation with Ketan Patel, he has retired from CND now but, he was at CND London. Ketan is the best nail technician, educator and mentor I have ever known! He won best Nail Technician Awards year after year, here in the UK and in some states in the USA. (I had the privilege to have been taught by him 😊) He said "wouldn't it be good if we could invent a polish that lasts", maybe he knew something that I didn't, Shellac was in the making.. I got very excited at the thought but nothing else was said about it, as it wasn't possible then.. until the invention of Shellac 😬.

Someone, somewhere at CND discovered that Shellac, a natural resin, secreted by beetles onto trees in India and Thailand, could hold colour!

They used Shellac way back in the day to make records. It's wasn't a new invention but it was new to the nail industry. Shellac is also sold to other industries such as food and plastic. If you check the ingredients on some of your cereal boxes you will find shellac (it is perfectly edible in this form, so don't worry!).

Anyway, Shellac was perfected at the CND laboratory in California and the polish was launched. What the other nail companies soon discovered was that they couldn't use Shellac because it was patented and registered by CND who owns it, clever! So, they had to come up with a product that could hold colour but be applied as thinly as Shellac and that could be dried instantly. The only product that was capable of this was gel.

What's the difference between Gel and Shellac Nail Polish?

Gel is made of monomer and polymer, commonly known as plastic. Monomer and polymer is used by the plastic industry but was modified for use on human anatomy for the beauty industry. Monomer and polymer are the basic ingredients of both acrylic and gel. I'll talk about the differences in the two overlays in a future blog.. Gel was the best option because we already know it holds colour, the problem came with the thickness. It had to be made into a polish like consistency that was thin but didn't crack. They achieved it and fast! as they didn't want to get left behind.

Shellac and gel polish are both UV light curable (hardened). It comes down to preference in the end. Both have an amazing array of colours, both lasts for two weeks (most of our clients go three weeks before renewing) and a dream has literally come true! We have polishes that last.

I am pleased that other companies came up with their version as it makes our industry really exciting and innovative. I am completely in love with CND, as you may have gathered, but I love the others too.

Warning! Don’t use Electric Files!

Please don't allow anyone, anywhere, to remove your shellac or gel colours with electric files! This is dangerous and completely unnecessary. Any two week polish system should always be soaked off. All companies that manufacture these polishes advise that they be removed using this method. Electric files damage nails, sometimes permanently!! Treat nails with love 💞

Contact Mon Amie in Reigate, Surrey on 01737 221872 for both Shellac and Gel Polish Treatments.

Written by Donna (proud CND Nail Technician since 1997 serving London & Surrey

Want to have eyelash extensions? Read on for tips about finding the right salon to have your eyelash extensions done.

Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular globally. It is a minefield when it comes to choosing the right place to have them done.

Finding the Right Salon to have your Eyelash Extensions done

The absolute best recommendation is from someone you know who has been having them done and they are happy with the results time and time again. Don't be shy to go up to strangers and ask them where they had theirs done! They will love the fact that their lashes are being admired 😊

If you are going to look online you should check the salon's reviews, the more reviews they have the better. Websites such as Treatwell or Yell are a really good starting place. The reviews will be verified and are trustworthy. Check out Mon Amie's great reviews on Treatwell and Yell.

Eyelash Extension Consultation

You can ask for a consultation at your salon of choice and they will talk you through the procedure, tell you about the products and patch test you for sensitivity. You can also discuss with the technician the look you would like to achieve, they will check your lashes for suitability. Remember that good salons use an array of lashes with different lengths, curls, thickness and colours. There is a perfect lash to suit everyone.

Time and Costs of Eyelash Extensions

A full set of individual lashes should take between 1 hr 30 to 2 hr 15 to complete. The more lashes you have the longer it takes.

Prices will vary from £65 to £110, don't be fooled into thinking price reflects anything when it comes to standards, it doesn't.

Always go by recommendations and reviews.

Eyelash Extensions at Mon Amie Beauty Salon in Reigate, Surrey

Eyelash extensions are works of art! At Mon Amie in Reigate, Surrey, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful lashes that are tailored to suit you!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Mon Amie on 01737 221872 and let's create lash envy together 💞

Mon Amie Pedicures

Flip flop season is here!! It's time to give your neglected feet an MOT. At Mon Amie in Reigate, we are renowned for our pedicures. By the time you leave the salon your feet will look younger and feel refreshed ready for those gorgeous sandals.

Us Brits are way behind when it comes to pedicures, we're doing well for manicures these days with our high streets dripping with nail bars but we're reluctant to give our feet the attention they need because they're not on display for 6 months of the year. Think about it! They carry us around all day, put up with ill fitting shoes only to settle for the dregs of your shower gel at the end of a long day.

A visit to a salon can sort out all your foot troubles. It's not just about painting toenails, it's a complete foot overhaul! We can treat minor problems such as cracked heels, hard skin, callous build up, ingrowing toenails and rough dry skin.

What to expect from a Mon Amie Pedicure

We start by looking at your feet to see what the damage is, most feet will have a few issues, particularly those who run, walk or exercise a lot.

Your toenails will be shaped and smoothed before being immersed into a beautifully scented mineral marine bath. Your softened cuticles will be pushed back and excess removed. We then remove any hard skin or callouses as part of our Spa Pedicure treatment. Your hard skin will be gently sloughed away with sea salt glow to reveal youthful skin. Your aching legs and tired feet will then be massaged back to life. We finish off by buffing your nails to a healthy shine. We have a large selection of polishes to close from.

Toes will look like little pieces of jewellery at the ends of you feet 😊

Contact us to book a pedicure in Reigate, Surrey.

Check out our offers page for a nice surprise!!


What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning 'life force energy' and a Reiki treatment is the channelling of this energy through a practitioner to the client. It is rather like being plugged into an unlimited supply of energy. This is how you can feel after receiving Reiki. It is an ancient, simple, yet powerful method of handson healing, which is slowly being recognised in prevention of disease. The NHS now employs Reiki practitioners in many areas of the UK.

Reiki energy is ever flowing through all things but it is only in the last 100 years we have rediscovered how to use Reiki energy. One of the key aspects of Reiki is the ability to give deep level relaxation, and it is on this level our own natural sense of balance and purpose can be restored and where healing begins. A 'healing' is a step on the way to health, or 'wholeness' and wellbeing; the steps on the way can be either small, or monumentally large.

Reiki can help people with anxiety, fear, grief or stress, those who just cannot slow down or those in pain. The effects of Reiki are limitless; from boosting our energy levels and achieving our goals to aiding healing. Working on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, its use has been found to heighten tissue repair, release toxins, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and reestablish the energetic harmony of the body. Reiki supports the body’s natural healing processes and so can help speed up recovery from an accident, operation or trauma. Reiki is especially good for releasing stress, eliminating destructive emotional patterns and increasing clarity and focus. Reiki is completely safe for children and during pregnancy

Whilst no-one can make any claims or guarantees, endless reports of Reiki ‘miracles’ have been made by people who have tried to cure themselves unsuccessfully by more conventional means. At this point the sceptics among us start to lose interest, dispelling any ‘miracles’ as chance, but what if you could finally relieve yourself of that long-suffering backache or depressive mood tendency?

The Science behind Reiki - How Does it Work?

Alpha brain waves coincide with the vibrational frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field and scientific studies have shown that is is possible for the healer to tap into this source of energy and channel it back to the patient. The brain waves of both the healer and the patient become synchronised in the alpha state (characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation) and resonate at the same vibration as the earth’s electromagnetic field. Low frequency, bio-magnetic pulses emit from the hands of the healer affecting the body’s nervous system and cellular structure. During these moments, the bio-magnetic field of the practitioner’s hands is at least 1000 times greater than normal, and not as a result of internal body current.

What to Expect During a Reiki Session

A Reiki session is conducted with the client (normally) laying down and fully clothed and the practitioner working through a sequence of hand positions, gently touching, or nearly touching, the energy centres of the body. These areas are known as the major Chakras and there are seven which run down the centre of the body. Minor Chakras can be found on the soles of the feet, palms of the hands as well as the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. All areas correspond to the nerve centres affecting the internal organs, the mind and the emotions.

What Will I Feel?

The healing experience is different for everyone. It is common to feel the warmth of healing hands, tingling or cold sensations in certain areas about the body or to see colours in the mind’s eye. Some people may have instant pain relief; others receive impressions of what is to be done; they awake with a greater sense of purpose and clarity. However, for others the healing process is less dramatic and simply induces deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing; allowing the body to fully de-stress and heal itself.

Reiki can occasionally cause suppressed memories to come to the surface of our consciousness. This is a good thing as these suppressed memories cause blocks in our energy flow which hold us back from reaching our full potential and can affect our health. These memories have to be acknowledged and cleared and Reiki will act as a support for this process.

As with any complimentary treatment there are no claims to cure or diagnose a specific condition, therefore, always seek medical advice before commencing treatment.

Contact Mon Amie in Reigate, Surrey on 01737221872 to book a Reiki Healing session or to find out more about our Alternative Therapy treatments.


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