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Flip flop season is here!! It's time to give your neglected feet an MOT. At Mon Amie in Reigate, we are renowned for our pedicures. By the time you leave the salon your feet will look younger and feel refreshed ready for those gorgeous sandals.

Us Brits are way behind when it comes to pedicures, we're doing well for manicures these days with our high streets dripping with nail bars but we're reluctant to give our feet the attention they need because they're not on display for 6 months of the year. Think about it! They carry us around all day, put up with ill fitting shoes only to settle for the dregs of your shower gel at the end of a long day.

A visit to a salon can sort out all your foot troubles. It's not just about painting toenails, it's a complete foot overhaul! We can treat minor problems such as cracked heels, hard skin, callous build up, ingrowing toenails and rough dry skin.

What to expect from a Mon Amie Pedicure

We start by looking at your feet to see what the damage is, most feet will have a few issues, particularly those who run, walk or exercise a lot.

Your toenails will be shaped and smoothed before being immersed into a beautifully scented mineral marine bath. Your softened cuticles will be pushed back and excess removed. We then remove any hard skin or callouses as part of our Spa Pedicure treatment. Your hard skin will be gently sloughed away with sea salt glow to reveal youthful skin. Your aching legs and tired feet will then be massaged back to life. We finish off by buffing your nails to a healthy shine. We have a large selection of polishes to close from.

Toes will look like little pieces of jewellery at the ends of you feet 😊

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