Wearing eyelash extensions...

Wearing eyelash extensions is going to be different for different people! It's as simple as that..

Wearing eyelash extensions is going to be different for different people! It's as simple as that..

Eyelash extensions have become a way of life for lots of women around the world. They are, by far, a superior eyelash treatment that can dramatically change the appearance of ones face.

If you decide to have eyelash extensions, there are things you should bear in mind!

We all want that Adele look.. the feathery jet black sweep of dense lashes that adorns that lovely face of hers problem is, we can't all have that look in reality.

If your lashes are being done correctly, they will be assessed before the treatment and you will be given an idea of what can be achieved at the end result. If your lashes are sparse to begin with, your technician will be able to enhance your lashes but she will have to work in harmony with what nature gave you. I can't stress enough how important this is! We cannot apply hundreds of long, thick artificial lashes to lashes that are thin, gappy damaged or fragile. We will be adding to the problem not resolving it. Our job as eyelash experts is to look after your lashes. It is not in our interest or yours to overload lashes that are already compromised. It damages our reputation and more importantly, your lash line.

Wearing eyelash extensions is going to be different for different people, it's as simple as that! Some people can have their lashes filled every 3 weeks spending an hour at a time. Others will infill every two weeks and may need longer appointments. It's not the same for everybody. It all boils down to your lash type, what mum gave you, lifestyle and habits.

If you wear a lot of makeup around your eyes, you will need longer appointments. Makeup clogs eyelash extensions at the roots. If you think about it, your lashes are there for the sole purpose of protecting your eyes! I know it's boring, but anything applied to the eye area ends up collecting in the lash line! Even with thorough cleaning, it is impossible to remove all residue that collects in this area. Your technician should make every attempt to remove as much as possible before applying fresh lashes but this takes precious lashing time! If you've only got an hours appointment, there's 10-15 minutes gone already just prepping! My advice to wearers like this, is to clean as much before your appointment as you possibly can and go to your appointment wearing as little or better still, no makeup around the eyes

Lashes have a life cycle, they last for around 60-90 days and then completely renew. When an extension is applied, it will last as long as your natural lash. Fortunately, they don't all have the same growth rate so you have a constant supply of new lashes to be applied to every two-three weeks. You will however, find that your lashes appear thicker on some occasions more than others. This is due to your lash cycle. Sometimes we have to wait for the younger lashes to become medium to long in length before we can attach to them. If these lashes are attached to prematurely, we will be putting that lash under pressure causing it to fall out before it's had a chance to mature. Be patient is my advice, they will look gorgeous again soon

Some technicians can cause premature lash loss! If your lashes are being overloaded with lashes that are too heavy for you, you will end up with thin and possibly permanent gaps in your lash line. Not a good look! Poor application technique is another culprit, ie not isolating lashes carefully before applying! I cannot tell you how many ladies I've seen in my salon with lashes literally ripped out where the lashes have been stuck together with glue. Remember, lashes grow at different rates so will pull on each other if stuck together.

If lashes are done properly you can wear them constantly. Correct application = no interference with nature.. if they are done incorrectly you will have to have three months breaks in between and that's a fact! You will know what category you fall into because your lashes will not renew enough and you will never achieve the look you had when they were first applied. The other tell tale signs are itching, irritation, wanting to touch them all the time, just being aware of them being there to be honest is no good . You should be able to forget your wearing them only to be reminded when someone says "I love your lashes"

Our eyes are all sooo different.. At our salon, we carry every lash you can think of! We do this so that we can give you lashes that are best suited to you, it's not one size fits all at Mon Amie! Some people's lashes don't suit C curl (very curly) whilst some won't suit J curl (straight with a small flick) natural. We make sure that the lashes you go home with are stunning and safe to wear.

Your eyelash safety is our priority. We are always honest and will always recommend what's best for you which may not necessarily be extensions. Don't fret, we have other amazing eyelash treatments that can make you look gorgeous too


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